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The wait is over, you can back Hands in the Sea on Kickstarter now as part of the Forged in Steel campaign. We are offering a new pledge level, Hands in the Sea “Pre-Campaign” Bundle, where you can get both Forged in Steel and Hands in the Sea at a discount. Plus we are offering international shipping discounts and a free 24 page full color play book for Hands in the Sea. We want to get both of these great games out so we are combining them into one great offer. We are limiting this to the first 75 people so act now!

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Hands in the Sea Update

Hey everyone, we know that a lot of you are awaiting Hands in the Sea, so we wanted to drop a quick update. The good news is the wait is almost over. We will be wrapping up our campaign for Forged in Steel, a CDG city building game, and then we will be launching Hands in the Sea. We are planing a mid to late February run on Kickstarter, probably sometime after 2/18. Keep your eyes on our site, Facebook, Twitter, and for the official announcement of the campaign. In addition, if you plan to back Hands in the Sea, we are offering a package deal if you also back Forged in Steel. You can find the details on the Hands in the Sea forum on

We want to thank everyone for you continued support and patience while we get Hands in the Sea ready!

The Knight Works Team

Forged in Steel Walk-through

After 9 days waiting for the video to encode, we are happy to announce that our walk-through of Forged in Steel is finally complete. You can view it on our YouTube Channel. It has been a crazy ride so I thought I would share the story. We wanted to do a neat 3D rendering of the game and use that for the walk-through, good idea, but in reality, it was a lot more work than I anticipated. I started work on this video right after BGGCon 2014 and mostly had it wrapped up in December. I then went to work on the new prototype game board. Unfortunately, I let my illustrator file get a little bigger than would be advised and just when I thought I was done, the file became corrupt and I lost a bunch of work. Needless to say I went on a tear filled 24 hour bender to forget my immense sorrow over the loss of all my hard work. After some sleep, 26 Advil and 2 gallons of water, I went back to it. Luckily, I had a saved a PNG copy of the board so I was able to reconstruct things piece by piece with this image as my guide. Long story short, the board fiasco put me way behind the eight ball on the video, plus we thought the video would encode in 24 hours or so once completed. It actually took almost 200 hours. Late last night the encoding of the video completed and today I was able to add the audio track and create the final version.

Now that you know how much work this video took, we hope you will go check it out and really get a feel for Forged in Steel. Then you may mercilessly mock me for any little mistake you find :), for the record I know of two tiny ones but I don’t have 200 hours to re-encode this bad boy.

Eric and the Knight Works Team

Forged in Steel is back

That’s right sports fans, the card-driven strategy game of 2015 is back up on Kickstarter. Click here to support us!

Thank you for all of your support and for your patience while we cleared a few hurdles. We are looking forward to a successful campaign and getting this great game into your hands.

Forged in Steel is a game of strategy and development set in Pueblo County, Colorado spanning the years 1890-1910. Known as ‘The Pittsburgh of the West’ for its steel mills, Pueblo was also at the center of an immense economic and cultural boom at the turn of the century. As a prominent local family, you must use your influence and strengths to build an empire and dominate the local economies. The paths to success are many, whether you wrest control of municipal development, commercial, mining, industrial sector, or some combination: the choice is up to you. Command your prominent local family and manipulate grand historical themes to your benefit.