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Knight Works was founded in 2000 by Don Lloyd when he started work on the board game Shadow Wars. Slowly, Don gained support from some of the local gamers in his area. When he released Shadow Wars in 2001, it was a self published game that was entirely produced by hand. The campaign setting for the board game was a project for roughly twenty years. It started out as a campaign for a role playing game and then migrated into a simple shareware game that was released back in 1993. The game setting even had a short prototype run for a collectible card game but funding could not be secured back then. Through out each of the different incarnations more of the history, setting and overall game atmosphere has been developed.

A lot of time has passed since the first edition of the Shadow Wars board game. Our group has gone through a lot of changes. Friends have come and gone, people have been married, families started and everyone went about their normal lives. Don took a break from designing back in 2003 and got married himself and started a family. The pull to get back into game design grabbed a hold of Don in 2007 and the group was back together to fire up the Legends of Syrrith design. We had some problems with the overall flow of the game and mechanics and it was unfortunately put on hold. The last thing any of us want to do is to rush a crappy game out into the market. Our group takes pride in the designs and ideas that we work on. I always promised everyone that no game would ever be rushed out the door like some other independent designers that I have meet with.

From our humble beginnings, Knight Works has become a successful small board game publisher. Our most recent game, Dark Horse, is set in the Wild West and involves players taking on the role of mayors, building out their territories and gaining influence. The project the first professionally printed game from Knight Works and its expansion, Rebels and Rogues was successfully funded on Kickstarer and will be out later this year.

As we take on new designers and release new games, our goal is to provide fun, entertaining board games. We promise to never compromise on quality and intend to provide interesting products for years to come.

Thanks you for you interest and support.


The Knight Works Team

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