Dragon Keepers by Vital Lacerda live on Kickstarter

Dragon Keepers BannerWe are excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Dragon Keepers is live! The link for the campaign is: http://kck.st/2GiNTZE

Vital Lacerda and his daughter Catarina worked hard on designing a light game (with 2 different game modes) that would appeal to both younger children and hardcore gamers. Please check out the campaign and help support a small indie game publisher.

We still have several reviewers putting the final touches on their videos and articles. We will be reaching out to share the campaign over the couple weeks. We also wanted to ask everyone to please help us spread the word about Dragon Keepers.


2nd Edition Hands in the Sea Campaign LIVE!

I am pleased to announce that we have launched our next Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd Edition of Hands in the Sea. Here is the link to the campaign: http://kck.st/2uvNop8 

We have a few things up our sleeve to add to the 2nd Edition. One of those items is a double sided game board with an alternate version of the background illustration (example below). On that note, we have a special “Upgrade Pack” reward that allows owners of the 1st Edition game to pick up updated versions of the game board, player mats and a revised rule book. Once the campaign ends, backers can also add on additional items like the Companion Guide or custom wood tokens, if they choose to. Please stop by and check out what we have to offer this time around for Hands in the Sea.

I also wanted everyone to know that I truly appreciate your interest in our games and for supporting our projects over the years. Your feedback, sincere honesty, and kind words have helped me shape Knight Works to what it is today. We have grown so much since our first Kickstarter campaign in the Spring of 2011. I have slowly been growing as a game publisher and that would not have been possible without your help! I started Knight Works way back in 1999 as a young naive designer. What I have learned over the past 18+ years has been eye opening, to say the least. I have high hopes that there are many great things to come. Have a great week everyone!

Don and the Knight Works team

Forged in Steel Game Review

Keith Law has created a wonderful game review for Forged in Steel. His insight into the game and the finer points is much appreciated. His review captures a lot of the details and essence behind the design, as well. The designer, Wade Broadhead, has diligently worked for the past 8 years on capturing the history behind a burgeoning steel city and integrated that into the game. Seeing the reactions from gamers and reviewers on our recent game titles makes me truly excited for the future of Knight Works!

Not to mention, I have been reading articles on PasteMagazine.com for years. It was an honor to find out that someone had posted a wonderful game review on that site!




BGG.CON 2016

It is that time of year again! We are headed to BGG.CON in Dallas, TX on Nov 16th. We will be in the Aviators hall at booth 822. We will be sharing our booth with Incarnate Games out of Pueblo, CO. They have been working hard on their new battle royal game called Ascended Kings and their Kickstarter campaign is live. I have played the game and it is great! For more info, check out their Kickstarter here http://kck.st/2emIsio.

BGGCON 2016 Banner Image

We recently finished fulfillment for both Forged in Steel and Hands in the Sea over the past couple months. We were thrilled to see the positive response for both games. Hands in the Sea sold out, in the US, last month, but we still have a few copies in Canada and Europe. Forged in Steel has also received some extremely positive ratings and we are on track to sell out our first printing of that game sometime in early 2017. For anyone interested in those games, we have reserved a small number of copies of both games and we will be bringing them to BGG.CON.

We will also be showcasing our upcoming card game called Mill City designed by Eric Alvarado. In the game, players each represent a milling company and are responsible for producing flour and shipping it via boxcars to distribution centers. The milling companies must use the Saint Anthony Falls to produce the power needed to mill grain into flour. After milling is completed, the flour is loaded into boxcars and shipped to distribution centers in the Midwest. The player who can successfully balance milling and shipping based on the available water power and shipping capacity and invest in the rising distribution companies will be victorious. I am excited to give everyone an opportunity to check out Mill City before the Kickstarter campaign launches in early 2017.


Hands in the Sea & Forged in Steel (Available Now!)

We have received the sHands & Forgedhipment of games for both Hands in the Sea and Forged in Steel! We have been working hard with our various fulfillment centers around the world to deliver the Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers their games. We are slowly finishing up these shipments and we have now opened up our online store to regular orders.

There are a limited number of Kickstarter versions of Forged in Steel available in the US, and around the world, but the Kickstarter version of Hands in the Sea has been sold out in the US. However, if you live in the EU you still have a chance to order a copy that includes the custom wood tokens. Note: We eventually will be receiving additional bags of tokens and will offer an upgrade bag for Hands in the Sea, but they will not be available for several months.


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season! The opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and family is (usually) an enjoyable experience. I cannot say I did much relaxing these past few weeks; however, it was very productive to have a few weeks off to focus both my day and the night on Knight Works.

At the beginning of each new year, I like to reflect on the past with one thing on my mind. I see each year as a 365-page book. How each of us writes that book is, for the most part, up to us. I have to be horribly honest… 2015 was a stressful year for Knight Works, to say the least. Changes and personal issues not only affected me but many other people who help with the company. I will not go into detail, but some of the more stressful family/personal issues in life have affected almost everyone here. I have seen this lead to other indie companies closing shop. But, at Knight Works we have pushed through and we are standing strong for 2016.

So… with the book of 2015 finished and the last page written 10 days ago, a new book has begun for 2016. I have positive thoughts moving forward. The future seems bright (no shades required) and I forsee great things are coming. The accomplishments and work that we set out to do last year have come to fruition, albeit a bit later than I expected.

We pushed past our road blocks from the 2015 Summer/Fall timeframe, and production began a few months ago. The rule books, for both games, were the last important items on our plates. I am proud to say those are nearly finished and I present the final draft of both books to you. Unfortunately, the manufacturer needs these files soon, so if you would like to comment on either rule book, I will need something back by Tuesday evening (Jan 12). I appreciate any help you can offer and I cannot promise that all of your feedback will be used. But, if you notice something in the rules that you feel needs attention, please let us know!

Hands in the Sea – Final Draft Rule Book

Forged in Steel – Final Draft Rule Book

Production is moving forward smoothly. Concerning the time-frame for fulfillment, I cannot comment in detail until we get to the international shipping phase, but I feel we are still on track for a no “BS” spring release. As soon as we receive final samples and production photos I will make sure to share those with you. Finally, I will be sending out Surveys through Kickstarter shortly. This is in preparation of launching our Pledge Management in 3-4 weeks.

From everyone at Knight Works, we wish you a wonderful 2016!

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward


BGG.CON 2015

We just got back from the BoardGameGeek convention in Texas and it was great! It is a unique convention experience that gives fans a chance to play the hot Essen Convention releases. BGG.Con also has the best gaming library of any convention that I have ever attended. For those of you not familiar with BGG.Con I would describe it as a true gamers convention. The emphasis is strictly on card/board games, plus they throw in a few classic events like puzzle hunts, puzzle escape rooms, team trivia, Tichu/Poker tournaments, and my favorite… Battling Tops.

We shared a booth with the guys from Terra Nova Games and Cardboard Clothing from Colorado and Texas. I mainly spent my time in the booth showing off final prototype copies of both Hands in the Sea and Forged in Steel. I had a chance to meet up with other publishers, podcasters, designers, and friends from Cons past. The folks behind Heavy Cardboard stopped down, as well as the guys behind the I, Geek podcast. I even sported my best attempt at a beard for the I, Geek interview! 🙂

Here are a few photos of the prototype games we displayed at the convention.

The linen cards from www.printplaygames.com are fantastic!

The linen cards from www.printplaygames.com are fantastic!

We used some plastic components for the prototype demo copies, but the game will have all wood components.

We used some plastic components for the prototype demo copies, but the game will have all wood components.

Great shot of the art for the coins. The final version of the tokens will have jagged edges.

Great shot of the art for the coins. The final version of the tokens will have jagged edges.

Full game board

Full game board

Another shot of the awesome linen cards from www.printplaygames.com

Another shot of the awesome linen cards from www.printplaygames.com

Support Hands in the Sea Now!

The wait is over, you can back Hands in the Sea on Kickstarter now as part of the Forged in Steel campaign. We are offering a new pledge level, Hands in the Sea “Pre-Campaign” Bundle, where you can get both Forged in Steel and Hands in the Sea at a discount. Plus we are offering international shipping discounts and a free 24 page full color play book for Hands in the Sea. We want to get both of these great games out so we are combining them into one great offer. We are limiting this to the first 75 people so act now! http://bit.ly/ForgedKS

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