BGG.CON 2016

It is that time of year again! We are headed to BGG.CON in Dallas, TX on Nov 16th. We will be in the Aviators hall at booth 822. We will be sharing our booth with Incarnate Games out of Pueblo, CO. They have been working hard on their new battle royal game called Ascended Kings and their Kickstarter campaign is live. I have played the game and it is great! For more info, check out their Kickstarter here

BGGCON 2016 Banner Image

We recently finished fulfillment for both Forged in Steel and Hands in the Sea over the past couple months. We were thrilled to see the positive response for both games. Hands in the Sea sold out, in the US, last month, but we still have a few copies in Canada and Europe. Forged in Steel has also received some extremely positive ratings and we are on track to sell out our first printing of that game sometime in early 2017. For anyone interested in those games, we have reserved a small number of copies of both games and we will be bringing them to BGG.CON.

We will also be showcasing our upcoming card game called Mill City designed by Eric Alvarado. In the game, players each represent a milling company and are responsible for producing flour and shipping it via boxcars to distribution centers. The milling companies must use the Saint Anthony Falls to produce the power needed to mill grain into flour. After milling is completed, the flour is loaded into boxcars and shipped to distribution centers in the Midwest. The player who can successfully balance milling and shipping based on the available water power and shipping capacity and invest in the rising distribution companies will be victorious. I am excited to give everyone an opportunity to check out Mill City before the Kickstarter campaign launches in early 2017.


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