Forged in Steel & Mill City Live on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaing is live now:

Knight Works is proud to present two new games in this special Kickstarter campaign that highlights the Industrial Revolution. This time period marked a major turning point in history; almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some way. The stock market began to flourish and unique social and economic changes exhibited unprecedented sustained growth. Both games use this rich theme as a backdrop to provide interesting tactics and decisions that allow players to recreate the feel of a wealthy industrialist in the late 1800’s.

Two games… campaign! Bring the industrial revolution to your game table by building cities, manipulating headlines/stocks and more!

Rebels & Rogues Update

We just received some news from the manufacturer and wanted to fire off a quick update. The printed components have been finished. The manufacturer is working on the wood components and a shipment of dice to come in. The expansion will have a four sided die for the Carnival Special Role and a six side die for the Inventor Special Role. There will also be smaller 12mm dice added to the Outlaw Meeple expansion.

The only other non-printed component in the standard expansion is the gold city wood token for the County Seat stretch goal. We found out that the manufacturer cannot produce a metallic gold wood piece. The token will have a gold like color but it will not be shiny.

The other wood components are the 5 Player Expansion and the custom meeples for the Gunslinger variant. Once those components are finished then the games will be assembled and begin their journey to the US. We are hoping that the shipment will be packed and loaded by the end of next week. This pushes the delivery to our customers closer to the first week in November. Thank you for your patience we will keep you posted as the game gets closer  to shipping.