Air Traffic Madness

Air Traffic Madness Designer(s): Eric Johnson
Year Published:
Playtime: 60 mins
Ages: 10 and up
Status: In Development
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Air Traffic Madness is a game for 2 to 5 people where players compete to land as many planes as possible. Each plane will score a variable number of victory points plus bonuses depending on how challenging a runway you land it on. Each player secretly chooses three orders cards to issue to their planes, two direct orders and one general order. Then players take turns revealing their orders and moving their planes. The player who lands the planes that are worth the most VPs wins. Beware, there are events that occur every other round plus bonus cards that players can earn which will change the course of the game. Each player also has a few planes worth zero VPs which could be damaging to you if they crash into your high valued planes. Can you navigated the hectic air space and be crowned the king of the air traffic control? Are you ready for Air Traffic Madness?