Battle of Capua

Battle of Capua Designer(s): Eric Johnson
Year Published:
Playtime: 30 mins
Ages: 10 and Up
Status: In Development
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Part of the Roman Empire and home to many of the infamous Gladiators of the age, Capua became hotly contested in 212 BCE. In this quick card driven game for 2 to 4 players, you take on the role of a General trying to grab control of the city. In order to win, you will need to build a strong army and best your opponents through six battles.

The game is played over three phases. First, you draft cards to build you army and amass gold. Then, you use the gold to purchase battle upgrades via an auction. Finally, you pit your army against the armies of your opponents, trying to gain control of the six different districts of Capua. Each district you control makes your army that much stronger. In the end, the player who controls the most, and the most powerful districts will reign supreme over the city.