Hands in the Sea Update

Hey everyone, we know that a lot of you are awaiting Hands in the Sea, so we wanted to drop a quick update. The good news is the wait is almost over. We will be wrapping up our campaign for Forged in Steel, a CDG city building game, and then we will be launching Hands in the Sea. We are planing a mid to late February run on Kickstarter, probably sometime after 2/18. Keep your eyes on our site, Facebook, Twitter, and Boardgamegeek.com for the official announcement of the campaign. In addition, if you plan to back Hands in the Sea, we are offering a package deal if you also back Forged in Steel. You can find the details on the Hands in the Sea forum on Boardgamegeek.com.

We want to thank everyone for you continued support and patience while we get Hands in the Sea ready!

The Knight Works Team

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